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Admin Functions with the CLI

How to run tasks as administrator in the Orka CLI: user and VM management when you're not the user or VM owner.

This page describes using the admin flags in the Orka CLI on a routine basis.

At the end of the section, users should be able to:

  • Verify their status.
  • Manipulate normal CLI commands with the admin flag.


Quick command summary

orka config [ensure license key is Authorized]
orka user [list / create / delete / reset / group]
orka vm [list / delete / purge] -f all

Prerequisites: Configure your license key

In Orka, there are no user roles and permissions (e.g., administrators and regular users). Instead, Orka distinguishes between administrative and non-administrative operations. Administrative operations require additional authentication via license key. To be able to perform adminsitrative operations, you need to configure your license key in the Orka CLI.

Have a copy of the IP Plan handy.

orka config -a <ORKA_API_URL> -l <LICENSE_KEY> -y


What's your Orka API URL?

Check the Subnet ID for your Private-1 network in your IP Plan. Replace the last octet with 100 and you'll get your Orka service endpoint.

For example, if the Subnet ID for Private-1 is, your service endpoint is


Set up a user

If you don't have an Orka user, you need to create one.

orka user create -e <EMAIL> --password <PASSWORD> -y

Orka generates an authentication token based on the provided email address and password. It will pass this token for authentication with most CLI commands.

Next, you need to log in. You might occasionally need to log in, if your authentication token becomes invalidated or you are logged out:

orka login -e <EMAIL> --password <PASSWORD> -y

User administration

You can see the list of all users for the environment.

orka user list

You can delete a user from the environment.

orka user delete -e <EMAIL> -y

You can reset the password for a user.

orka user reset -e <EMAIL> --password <PASSWORD> -y

You can group users to configure their access to certain nodes.

orka user group -g <GROUP> -e <EMAIL> -y

You can also ungroup users.

orka user group -g -e <EMAIL> -y

VM administration

Detailed VM management documentation is available here.

To enable administrative access to the orka vm list / delete / purge commands, add the -f flag. Administrative access lets you manage (list, delete, purge) the VMs for another user or for all users at once.

Valid syntax includes: -f all for all users, or -f [user name]

For example:

orka vm list -f all

orka vm delete -v <NAME> -f all -y
orka vm delete -v <NAME> -n <NODE> -f all -y
orka vm delete -v <ID> -f all -y

orka vm delete -v <NAME> -f <USER> -y
orka vm delete -v <NAME> -n <USER> -f all -y
orka vm delete -v <ID> -f <USER> -y

orka vm purge -v <NAME> -f all -y
orka vm purge -v <NAME> -f <USER> -y

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