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How to use Packer with your Orka environment

The Orka Packer Plugin by MacStadium works with Packer and lets you automate creation of Orka golden images.

Tired of manually configuring and building your Orka images? The Orka Packer plugin is a great tool to use for automating your image builds. Not only is it easy to use and a great addition to any CI/CD pipeline, it can be used with additional plugins, such as Jenkins.

Working with the plugin



Make sure that your local environment is connected to your Orka environment through VPN. You can use a VPN client to establish temporary connectivity, or you can create a site-to-site VPN tunnel to keep the connection alive at all times.

For latest information on installing the plugin, please visit Orka Packer Plugin Installation

For latest information on using the plugin, please visit Orka Packer Plugin Usage

For latest information on configuring the plugin, please visit Orka Packer Plugin Configuration

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