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The IP Plan is a comprehensive document, prepared and provided by MacStadium, that contains access and networking information for your Orka cluster and its dedicated firewall.

With the data available in the IP Plan, you can:

  • [Access your Orka cluster via VPN.](🔗)

  • [Access and manage your firewall.](🔗)

  • [Connect your Orka cluster to the outside world.](🔗)

## Download the IP Plan

MacStadium provides the IP Plan as an `XLSX` spreadsheet, downloadable from the **Files** section of your profile in the [MacStadium Portal](🔗). In some cases, the MacStadium team might send you the IP Plan directly.

  1. Navigate to [](🔗), provide your credentials, and log in.

  2. In the upper right corner, select the account menu > **Files**.


  1. Download and open the `XLSX` spreadsheet.

MacStadium uses the following naming convention for Orka IP Plans: `ORK<UID>-IP_PLAN.xlsx`.

## Contents of the IP Plan

The IP Plan consists of two sheets—**One Page** and **MISC**. If you cannot see both, try opening the spreadsheet in another app.

### The One Page Sheet


The **One Page** sheet contains all the data that you need for [VPN access](🔗) to your Orka cluster and for setting up its [networking and connectivity](🔗).

**Step 1: VPN**This section lists the server address and the credentials for connecting to your Orka cluster through VPN.
**Appendix A: IP Allocation**This section provides network information for the connectivity within your Orka cluster and between it and the world.
**Appendix B: IP Host Assignments**This section provides additional networking information about the public IPs of the Orka cluster and some reserved IPs and networking resources.
**Appendix C: License Key**This is the license key that you need to provide for administrative Orka operations.

### The MISC Sheet


If you cannot see the **MISC** sheet, try opening the IP Plan in another app.

The **MISC** sheet contains information about [how to reach your Cisco firewall](🔗) and how to download the Cisco ASDM-IDM interface. You can use the interface to manage your firewall.

## Networks in the IP Plan

`Outside`This is the outside interface of your Cisco ASA/ASAv firewall. These values are used to set up connectivity from your Orka cluster to the outside world. The IPs in the specified range are publicly accessible. By default, this network can be accessed from outside of your Orka cluster.You will need this network's name when setting up the NAT exemption for a site-to-site VPN tunnel to another public or private cloud.
`Private-1`This is the private network of your Orka cluster. The IPs in the specified range are not publicly accessible.Your Orka API endpoint will be the `.100` IP from the specified IP range. You will need this network's name and its IP range in the CIDR notation when setting up a VPN tunnel to another public or private cloud.
`FW1-Outside`This is the endpoint that you need to use with site-to-site VPN connections.You will need this network's IP address when setting up a VPN tunnel to another public or private cloud.
`OrkaController`This is additional networking information for your Orka cluster, including reserved resources.This information is intended for use by the MacStadium networking and support team.

## What's next

  • [VPN Connection](🔗)

  • [AWS-Orka Connections](🔗)

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