Bring Your Own macOS Serial Number

How to set the system serial number for an Orka VM.


Intel Nodes Only

This guide is applicable to VMs deployed on Intel nodes only. Read more about Apple ARM-based Support to see which commands and options are supported for VMs deployed on Apple ARM-based nodes.


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Starting with Orka 1.6.0, you have the option to provide a system serial number for your macOS virtual machine. Serial numbers are assigned on a per-VM basis and can either be provided when creating a VM configuration or set at the time of deployment. If a serial number is provided when creating a VM configuration, any VM deployed using that configuration will share that serial number.



You must own the provided serial number. This feature is provided in good faith and positive intent is assumed!

Creating a VM Configuration

From the command line create a new VM config, passing the --system-serial flag:

orka vm create-config --system-serial <serial-number>

Make sure to provide your custom serial number after the --system-serial flag.


You can verify the serial number was added to the VM configuration by running the command orka vm configs:


Deploying a VM

A serial number can also be provided at the time of deployment:

orka vm deploy --vm <vm-config-name> --system-serial <serial-number> -y


orka vm deploy --vm <vm-config-name> --system-serial <serial-number> --json



The --system-serial flag is also available for the orka vm create command, which will perform both tasks of creating a configuration and deploying a VM using that configuration.



After connecting to the VM via VNC, the serial number can be verified by viewing ο£Ώ β†’ About This Mac:




If VNC is not enabled for the VM, the serial number can be verified using the command system_profiler SPHardwareDataType over an SSH connection.

Using the Orka API

When calling the Orka API directly, use the key system_serial in the JSON body as shown below:

curl --location --request POST 'http://<orka-api-ip>/resources/vm/deploy' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer <token>' \
--data-raw '{
	"orka_vm_name": "my-vm",
	"system_serial": "C02Z90WPHX87"

Replace with, or your custom domain.


  • Assigning different serial numbers to VMs which use saved state is not possible.

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