Orka v1.0.5

New features, improved functionality, and bug fixes in Orka v1.0.5.


Orka Release Notes

September 25, 2019
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We’re constantly working to provide you with new features, tools, and plugins, and improve your overall Orka experience. For the latest and greatest, be sure to update your CLI to 1.0.5 after your environment has been updated. Here’s an overview of what changed with version 1.0.5.

New features

  • Users with the Admin role can now perform actions like list, status, purge, and delete on VMs owned by other users. By default, all users may perform these actions, but only on VMs owned by them.
  • BETA FEATURE: We have introduced a new way to create VM templates called live commit. live commit lets you preserve the state of a running VM. This new template allows for a very rapid (nearly instant) boot of newly deployed VMs, and it contains all the applications, features and configurations that you applied at the time of the live commit. This reduces the start-up time of a VM to under 30 seconds, which previously could have taken up to a minute. For more information, see Live Commit.

Improved functionality

  • CLI usability improvements:
    • The CLI now shows information about VM owners.
    • orka image delete displays completion status.
    • Other minor improvements
  • API enhancements in error handling and size restrictions for the Image Generate call.
  • The orka vm deploy command lets you specify the number of replicas to be deployed (by default: 1). When multiple replica are deployed, VM ID associated with the VM is considered to be in a scaled state. To interact with the VM in a scaled state, you need to use the VM ID. You can also scale VMs that are already deployed.

Bug fixes

  • Kubectl and sandboxing have been re-enabled and should now operate as expected.
  • Remote repository ISO images have been reformatted so that they load correctly.
  • The Orka API docs have been updated to fix some incorrect details (for example, Image Rename and Image Copy were showing the same command).
  • We fixed an issue where Image Save was overwriting and committing to a base image that was currently in use.
  • orka image upload-vmdk fixed. It takes ~10GB/hr. We are working on a more elegant and user-friendly feature to handle user uploads for the release following this.
  • orka vm create fixed. The command had stopped working in v1.0.4.

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