CLI Commands

A brief reference of the commands available in the Orka CLI.

The Orka CLI provides access to your Orka environment from the command line.

Input modes

The Orka CLI lets you choose between an interactive input mode or a direct input mode.

In interactive mode, you can run the command without specifying any additional parameters, such as names, IDs, etc. Once you hit Enter, the Orka CLI prompts you to provide the information required to run the command. You can use arrow-up and arrow-down from the keyboard to navigate the Orka CLI prompts in interactive mode.

In direct mode, you can provide all the information required by the command through the use of the designated flags and parameters. The Orka CLI prompts you to confirm the provided information.


TIP: Non-interactive console?

To bypass the command prompts for information, use direct mode and use the respective command flags.

To bypass the confirmation, pass the -y or the --assume-yes flags.

Using the --json flag also bypasses the interactive console but returns JSON output

Using chaining operators with the Orka CLI

You can run multiple commands by using the standard bash chaining command-line operators: && and ;.

List all commands

To list all available commands, type:


For more information about each group of commands, see the sub-pages in this section.

Get help

To get help in the Orka CLI, type:

orka help


orka <COMMAND> --help

Change the output

By default, the Orka CLI returns the output of all list commands in a TABLE format. You can choose to switch to JSON instead.

You can switch to JSON globally or for a particular command:

  • To switch to JSON globally, run orka config and, when prompted, set Output style: to JSON.
  • To get JSON output for particular commands, pass the --json flag.

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