Orka v1.6.0

New features, Improved functionality, and bug fixes in Orka v1.6.0


Orka Release Notes

August 21, 2021
New features | Improvements | Bug fixes

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We’re continually working to provide you with new features, tools, and plugins and improve your overall Orka experience. For the latest and greatest, be sure to update your CLI to 1.6.0 after your environment has been updated to 1.6.0. Here’s an overview of what changes with version 1.6.0.

New features

Orka 1.6.0 introduces the following new features.

Shared VM Storage

Users will now be able to add shared vm storage that will be accessible to all VMs in a cluster.

Learn more about Shared VM Storage.



To use a secondary shared vm storage in your environment, you will need to request that it be added to your upgrade ticket.

Automation Friendly CLI

The CLI is now optimized to work with CI and various automation workflows. Users will now be able to utilize JSON output similar to the API. Users can utilize the new json on a case-by-case basis.

See how to make CLI Automation Friendly using JSON ouput

User-supplied macOS serial numbers

Users will now be able to add their own serial numbers to VMs. This can be accomplished in both the CLI and API.

To learn more about using macOS serial numbers please visit here


Orka 1.6.0 introduces the following improvements.

IO Boost

IO Boost is now on by default.

Learn more about IO Boost.

Orka CLI now supports GPU

The Orka CLI now supports GPU for environments that have gpu enabled.

To learn more about GPU in the CLI, please visit here.

No longer need to add protocol identifier to orka config

Users can now pass in an IP address or domain name to orka config without using a protocol identifier (http/https).

Bug fixes

Orka 1.6.0 introduces the following bug fixes.

General bug fixes

  • Removed force image deletion option
  • No longer able to create duplicated vms
  • VMs no longer in an error state when a node is rebooted
  • Fixed rounding error with RAM calculation.
  • The gpu_passthrough field is now included in the vm status response and the vm deploy with attached disk
  • Orka delete/purge no longer hangs when vms are in Pending state.

Orka CLI bug fixes

  • Validate for invalid characters in the orka config command
  • CLI JSON output can handle large JSON output.
  • CLI runs on Linux/Windows
  • Fixed duplicate output on orka vm list
  • Added validation for multiple flags
  • Validate for invalid characters in the orka config command
  • Removed force image deletion option

Orka UI bug fixes

  • Fixed row selection on VMs page

Known issues

  • If your git-related operations are hanging and nothing happens on an Orka VM, most probably, your Xcode is stuck in the "Verifying Xcode dialog" state. To ensure this is the case, you can connect to your VM via VNC, start the Xcode application and check if you will get a small window saying "Verifying Xcode".
    To resolve the issue, either VNC to the VM and wait for the verification process to complete or execute the following command from the Terminal to disable Xcode verification:
xattr -d com.apple.quarantine '/Applications/Xcode.app'

How to upgrade


Scheduled maintenance window required

Orka 1.6.0 is a new Orka release. For more information, see Orka Upgrades.

This release requires a maintenance window of 2 hours.

  1. Submit a ticket through the MacStadium portal.
  2. Suggest a time for the maintenance window that works for you.
    The suggested time(s) must be Monday through Thursday, 5am to 6pm PST (8am to 9pm EST).

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