Orka v1.0.7

New features, improved functionality, and bug fixes in Orka v1.0.7.


Orka Release Notes

November 13, 2019
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We’re constantly working to provide you with new features, tools, and plugins, and improve your overall Orka experience. For the latest and greatest, be sure to update your CLI to 1.0.7 after your environment has been updated. Here’s an overview of what changes with version 1.0.7.

New features

  • The Orka CLI now checks if its version matches the API version of the environment and prompts you to install the correct version.
  • You can now attach storage to a VM configuration during creation or deployment.
  • You can now open VM ports during orka vm deploy with the --ports flag.
  • You can now disable VNC for a VM configuration during creation and deployment. By default, VNC is enabled.
  • You can now create VMs with 4 CPUs or 8 CPUs.

Improved functionality

  • Multiple miscellaneous improvements to help text and error messages throughout the Orka CLI.
  • orka vm configs and GET /vm/configs now show the VM owner, and ISOs and disks attached to the VM configuration.
  • orka image list and GET /image/list now show image size, last modified date, date added, and owner. Note that generated empty storage is always shown as 192k.
  • orka iso list and GET /iso/list now show image size and last modified date.
  • orka kube delete and DELETE /kube-account now inform you if there are no kube-accounts to delete.
  • orka vm create now provides flags for attaching a disk or an ISO in direct mode.
  • orka node list and GET /node/list now take into account all Kubernetes consumption and show more accurate available CPU and memory data. (See Note below)


VM cores needed

VMs require fewer cores to operate than the specified during configuration but will use up to their max if the cores are free. For example, a VM with 24 CPU specified only requires 22 CPU to be shown as available, but will use up to 24 if they are free.

Hence, you might still be able to deploy a VM even if the listed available CPU is less than the specified in the VM configuration.

Bug fixes

  • orka image generate now handles flags as expected.
  • orka image copy now shows a busy indicator while running.
  • orka user create now visualizes longer email addresses as expected.
  • Orka no longer duplicates ports during simultaneous VM deployments.
  • Multiple bug fixes to Orka CLI flags. Run orka help to list the latest flags.

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