Orka v1.2.0

New features, Improved functionality and bug fixes in Orka v1.2.0.


Orka Release Notes

May 11, 2020
New features | Improvements | Bug fixes

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We’re constantly working to provide you with new features, tools, and plugins, and improve your overall Orka experience. For the latest and greatest, be sure to update your CLI to 1.2.0 after your environment has been updated. Here’s an overview of what changes with version 1.2.0.

New features

Orka 1.2.0 introduces the following new features.

6-core Mac Pro-based environments

Orka now comes in two hardware offerings with superb performance - the existing 12-core Mac Pro offering and a new, faster 6-core Mac Pro offering.

With a higher CPU frequency, the 6-core Mac Pro environments are ideal for workloads that require faster build times over a greater number of concurrent builds. For more information, contact us.

Revert VMs

You can now quickly revert a running virtual machine to the latest state of its base image while retaining the same IP address and connection ports. This operation discards any changes made to the VM since the deployment or the last commit to its base image. As opposed to a delete and redeploy of the VM, this operation is significantly faster and retains the connection information.

  • With the Orka CLI, use orka vm revert. You can revert by name, by name and node, and by ID.
  • With the Orka API, send a POST /resources/vm/exec/revert request. You can revert by name, by name and node, and by ID.


What if the base image was modified?

In this case, the VM will revert to the current state of the base image. For example, if changes were committed to the base image (such as adding new files to the Desktop), the reverted VM will also have these changes.


Orka 1.2.0 introduces the following improvements.

Improved logging

  • Improved debugging capabilities through the logs. Logging now captures all CLI and API calls executed against your Orka environment in detail, including internal CLI calls which are part of the respective user commands. For more information, see Logging.
  • Improved performance. Retrieving and deleting the logs are now significantly faster operations.



The new logs have a new response format. See Log example for more information.

Other improvements

  • Multiple security improvements to the underlying infrastructure.
  • Improved calculation of the available resources on the nodes.
  • Improved messages for orka image commands.

Bug fixes

Orka 1.2.0 introduces the following bug fixes.

  • Admin purge and delete operations via the Orka CLI and the Orka API now work as expected.
  • In the Orka CLI, in interactive mode, orka vm deploy now properly attaches ISOs specified in the respective VM configuration.
  • Resolved some deployment issues related to miscalculation of the available resources on the environment.
  • Orka environments now show the available resources properly after purge operations.
  • The Orka CLI now runs reliably and consistently on Windows systems.

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