Image file checksum

How to request the MD5 file checksum for a base image in cluster storage from the Orka API.


Intel Nodes Only

This guide is applicable to VMs deployed on Intel nodes only. Read more about Apple ARM-based Support to see which commands and options are supported for VMs deployed on Apple ARM-based nodes.


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You may request the file checksum for any base image stored in your Orka cluster storage. The file checksum can be used to verify file integrity when downloading an image from cluster storage to your local filesystem, or when uploading an image to cluster storage from your local filesystem.

Checksum Calculation

When downloading a base image from cluster storage to your local filesystem, the MD5 checksum will automatically be calculated server-side in-flight as the file is streamed. When using the Orka CLI, the checksum will be calculated client-side as the file is written to disk. You may also request to calculate the image checksum by sending a request to the Orka API for the image checksum.



The checksum will need to be re-calculated if the base image is committed to. This calculation will take place the next time the image is downloaded, or a request for the checksum is sent to the Orka API.

Using the Orka API

In order to request the file checksum, send a request to /resources/image/checksum/<image-name> as shown below:

curl --location --request GET "http://<orka-api-ip>/resources/image/checksum/<image-name>" \
--header "Authorization: Bearer <token>"

Replace with, or your custom domain.



The Orka API will return status code 202 while the checksum calculation is taking place server-side.

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