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Introduction & Concepts

Meet Orka by MacStadium (Orchestration with Kubernetes on Apple).

What is Orka?

Orka (Orchestration with Kubernetes on Apple) is MacStadium's solution to a problem rooted in different operating systems' approaches to scaling workflows. Specifically, Orka allows for the orchestration of Mac clouds in much the same way that Docker and other containerization solutions work on non-Mac operating systems.

Why orchestrate a Mac?

Unfortunately, Macs are not built with the enterprise developer in mind. Operating these environments is largely a matter of managing physical servers with manual configuration, which is time and labor intensive. Because of this, most operators and developers express great frustration at the environment when compared to AWS, Azure, or Google.

MacStadium currently offers two flavors in the user environment. You can use bare metal servers as individual Mac systems, or you can use virtual machines. Bare metal servers are managed as individual physical machines like any workstation or server. Virtual machines are managed either through VMware (our enterprise-class virtualization system) or through an application that is run on macOS called Anka. Veertu’s Anka uses in-OS virtualization so you connect to your machine -- like bare metal -- but then can manage builds and images with virtualization and even command line tools.

Both of these environments require staging before provisioning. Both environments require knowledge of the toolsets to use effectively. VMware is a powerful and complex tool suited to enterprise operations teams, but this is not as effective for developers. Anka is an easy-to-use tool that can give developers the opportunity to quickly get started and building; however, it is less useful for enterprise operations teams to monitor and deploy. Neither environment type conforms to the “AWS-like” standard of other types of development.

The reality is that most enterprises have to target Apple platforms. But most enterprises are accustomed to very nimble, software-defined build environments with capacity on demand. It is because of this that we feel it is paramount to deliver a service to provide a similar experience on Mac. Orchestration of the Mac environment will provide software and modern operational hooks to the infrastructure. It reduces a provisioning task from weeks to hours or minutes. It empowers teams to use the same tools and technology with their Apple mobile development team that other desktop, web, and mobile teams use. In short, it will afford you a consistent, effective, agile build environment for the enterprise.

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Introduction & Concepts

Meet Orka by MacStadium (Orchestration with Kubernetes on Apple).

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