Orka Licensing FAQ

What platforms does the product support?
Orka is designed to run on Apple Mac machines, providing virtualization technology that is fully supported on both Intel and Apple Silicon-based machines.

How is Orka licensed?
Licensing for Orka is node-based, meaning the license is tied to the number of nodes you deploy the software on. When choosing to host with us, we include cluster management and orchestration software, offering a comprehensive solution for your needs.

What license tiers are available?
Our product is available in two distinct license tiers: Basic and Advanced.

Basic License:

  • Offers orchestration among nodes with priority and grouping features.
  • Supports OCI-compatible images, ensuring broad compatibility and flexibility.
  • Provides K8S Native Interfaces, including kubectl and compatible tools, for a seamless Kubernetes experience.
  • Integrates with Jenkins, GitHub Actions, BuildKite, and TeamCity for CI/CD pipelines and Packer support for creating images.

Advanced License:

  • Everything in Basic+
  • Features Network and VM Isolation for enhanced security.
  • Supports Linux Workloads, broadening the scope of applications.
  • Offers Highly Available control plane for robust and reliable operations.
  • Federated SSO with Okta and Azure AD
  • Coming Soon: Private OCI Registry and Cache Management / Cache Warming to optimize performance.
  • Coming Soon: Event Auditing for improved oversight and compliance.

Choosing the Right Tier for You
Selecting the right license tier depends on your specific requirements and scale of operations. The Basic tier is designed to meet the essential needs of development teams, while the Advanced tier offers expanded capabilities for more complex and security-conscious environments.

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