GitHub Actions

How to use GitHub Actions with your Orka environment.

MacStadium provides 2 approaches to integrating with GitHub Action

  1. A dynamic ephemeral runner which automatically scales the number of runners based on the demand, ensuring optimal resource utilization.
  2. Static runners which run in a long lived VMs that GitHub Actions will use as needed

Our team recommends using the dynamic ephemeral runners.



Orka 3.1.x and above requires versionv2.0.0+of the plugin.

Set up the dynamic ephemeral runner

For the latest information about how to use the dynamic ephemeral runners, see

Set up the static runners

You can work with single or multiple self-hosted runners. Every single self-hosted runner is a permanent agent for your workflows - it persists over time and GitHub Actions uses it when you need to run a workflow.

Set up a single static self-hosted runner

For the latest information about how to set up a single static self-hosted runner, see Using an Automatically Configured Single Self-Hosted GitHub Actions Runner.

Set up multiple static self-hosted runners

For the latest information about how to set up multiple static self-hosted runners, see Using Multiple Automatically Configured Self-Hosted GitHub Actions Runners.

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