How to use Jenkins with your Orka environment.

The Orka by MacStadium plugin for Jenkins lets you provision permanent and ephemeral Jenkins agents in your Orka environment.

The provisioning of permanent agents is useful when you need to have complete manual control over the process and the lifecycle of the agents.

The provisioning of ephemeral agents is useful when you need to automatically create and delete agents based on the needs of your workflows.



Orka 3.1.x and above requires version v2.0.0+of the plugin.

Install the plugin

The Orka by MacStadium plugin is available in the Jenkins Plugin Manager. For more information about how to install publicly available Jenkins plugins, see Jenkins Documentation: Managing Plugins.

If you need to manually build, package, and run the plugin yourself, visit the plugin repo for the latest information.

Provision agents with the plugin



Make sure that your Jenkins master is connected to your Orka environment through VPN. You can use a VPN client to establish temporary connectivity, or you can create a site-to-site VPN tunnel to keep the connection alive at all times.

The Orka by MacStadium plugin wiki provides the latest information about how to use the plugin.


Apple ARM-based Nodes Support

Make sure to increase Jenkins timeout to accommodate agents that are using Apple Silicon images and are deployed for the first time on an ARM-based node.

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