Orka on AWS: Recovery Objectives

The recovery time objectives and the recovery point objectives for your Orka on AWS infrastructure and application.


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Reporting issues

MacStadium handles all issues with your Orka cluster and respective AWS account and services.

If you experience any issues, submit a ticket through the MacStadium portal.

For more information about the available support tiers, see here.

For more information about how MacStadium support works, see here and here.


Recovery Time Objective (RTO)Тhe amount of time an application or a component can be down without causing significant damage to the business.
Recovery Point Objective (RPO)The amount of data that can be lost before significant harm to the business occurs. RPO is expressed as a time measurement from the loss event to the most recent preceding backup.
InfrastructureThe AWS infrastructure of your Orka on AWS solution (i.e. the components of your Orka VPC and the VPC peering connection).
ApplicationThe software layer of your Orka on AWS solution (i.e. the Orka virtualization layer and the interface layer).

Recovery objectives


Mac hosts40min0s
Service hosts5min0s
VPC peering**10min0s

* RPO is based on the default backup policy. If you want more frequent backups, submit a ticket through the MacStadium portal.
** RTO and RPO relate to the process of configuring and sending a new VPC peering request to re-establish the connection.


Web UI10min0s

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