Orka on AWS: Known Limitations

When you work with Orka on AWS, you need to be aware of the following limitations.


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  • MacStadium provides only one cluster per account per customer.
  • Your Orka cluster can connect to only one customer VPC.
  • Your Orka cluster and your VPC must reside in the same region.
  • Only instances within the specified security groups from your customer VPC will be able to access your Orka cluster.
  • Your Orka endpoint might change after every redeployment or update to your Orka cluster. The MacStadium team will provide you with your latest Orka endpoint.

Clusters and nodes

  • All Orka clusters consist of Apple ARM-based nodes. You cannot have Intel-based nodes in your cluster.
  • MacStadium delivers all Orka on AWS clusters with a default configuration. You cannot request any custom settings.
  • Custom domains, custom TLS certificates, and access via HTTPS are not available.
  • You cannot access the underlying Kubernetes layer and you cannot use any kube commands.


  • You can deploy up to 2 VMs at a time per node.
  • Orka on AWS does not provide a remote repo with VM images.
  • Orka on AWS does not provide shared VM storage.
  • Because all nodes are ARM-based, you will not be able to use any of the following Intel-only features:
    • ISOs
    • GPU passthrough
    • network performance boost
    • bring-your-own-serial-number
    • upload and download images
  • The first time you use an image on a selected node, the initial deployment of a VM with that image takes about 4 minutes. Future deployments of VMs using the image on the same node take about 5 seconds.

For a complete and up-to-date list of ARM-based support limitations, see here.

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