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Accessing Orka

To access your Orka instance, you must first create a user via the Rest API or the Orka CLI. Once you are authenticated under one of the methods above, you can create your virtual machine and deploy it to a non-occupied node. Once the virtual machine is running, you can access it using the VNC IP address and port provided in the response of a successful deployment.

Setting up a user

You can set up a user either by using the Orka Rest API or Orka CLI.The quickest way to start is by using the CLI :

$ orka user create -e <email> -p <password> -l <license-key> -a <orka-api-url>


$ orka login -e <> -p <password>

An auth token will be cached for further commands.

Upload an image

Raw or QCOW2image format to use as the VM base is preferred. VMDKs can be uploaded and converted as well.

$ orka image upload -I <mojave.img>

Running Orka VM containers

$ orka vm create-config -v <vm-image.img> -b <base-image.img> -i <image.img> -c 24 -y 
$ orka vm deploy -v <vm-image.img> -o <node-name> -y


You are not able to deploy a VM to a node that is fully occupied -- i.e. one that is out of resources. If you attempt to do this, you will receive an error.

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