3. Orka Side of the GCP VPN Tunnel

How to set up the Orka side of your GCP-Orka tunnel to enable two-way access between your GCP and Orka VMs.


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You need:

  • Active VPN connection to your Orka cluster.
  • Your Cisco ASAv connection information from the IP Plan.
  • The downloaded and prepared VPN configuration file.

After you have created your site-to-site VPN connection in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and you have prepared the configuration for use, you need to apply the required changes to the Cisco ASA/ASAv device in your Orka environment.

  1. Run Cisco ASDM-IDM and log in.
  2. In the Cisco ASDM-IDM application toolbar, select Tools > Command Line Interface....

  1. Select Multiple Line.
  2. Type configure terminal, press Enter, and paste the contents of the prepared VPN configuration file.
  3. Click Send.

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