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Boost Network Performance

How to boost the network performance of your Orka VMs


Intel Nodes Only

Orka 2.0 introduces Apple ARM-based nodes support where the network performance is boosted by default. Therefore, the option --net-boost is configurable only for VMs deployed on Intel nodes. For VMs deployed on Arm-based nodes the option will always be enabled. Read more about Apple ARM-based Support to see which commands and options are supported for VMs deployed on Apple ARM-based nodes.


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Orka 2.3.0 introduces a new option called Net Boost. It aims to improve the network performance of your Orka VMs and is part of the VM configuration and can be enabled when creating one. The upgraded Network Interface Controller (NIC) allows Maximum Link Speed of 10 GB/s, compared to 1 GB/s when not using the Net Boost option.

Before you begin, make sure that your Orka environment is updated to Orka 2.3.0 or later.


Quick command summary

orka vm create-config [--net-boost yes/no]
orka vm create [--net-boost yes/no]
POST /resources/vm/create


By default the --net-boost option is enabled.

For older VM configs created with Orka 2.2.0 or earlier the setting will be disabled.


You can set the Net Boost option through the Orka CLI or directly through the Orka API

Orka CLIorka vm create-config -v <NAME> -b <BASE_IMAGE> -c <CPU_COUNT> -C <VCPU_COUNT> --net-boost no -y


orka vm create -v <NAME> -b <BASE_IMAGE> -c <CPU_COUNT> -C <VCPU_COUNT> --net-boost no -y
Orka APIcurl --location --request POST 'http://<orka-api-ip>/resources/vm/create' --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --header 'Authorization: Bearer <TOKEN>' --data-raw '{ "orka_vm_name": "<NAME>", "orka_base_image": "<BASE_IMAGE>", "orka_image": "<NAME>", "orka_cpu_core": <CPU_COUNT>, "vcpu_count": <VCPU_COUNT>, "net_boost": false }'


  • Net Boost is only applicable to macOS Big Sur or later. For earlier macOS versions, disable Net Boost with --net-boost no, to avoid issues. See Defaults.
  • You can enable/disable Net Boost only in direct mode for the Orka CLI, OR via the Orka API and the Orka UI.
  • Net Boost is only configurable for Intel VMs.

Override existing configurations

For existing configurations the --net-boost option cannot be overridden, thus you have to recreate your existing VM configs and explicitly specify the --net-boost option during the config creation.

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