Node Dedication

Overview of node dedication (also, node grouping) in Orka. This feature lets you reserve a node for a group of users.


Orka 2.4.x content

This page has not been updated to reflect the changes introduced in Orka 3.0. Some of the information might be outdated or incorrect. Use 2.4.x to 3.0.0: API Mapping and 2.4.x to 3.0.0: CLI Mapping to figure out the correct endpoints and commands.


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How to use node dedication: API Node Dedication | CLI Node Dedication

If you need to limit the access to a node, you can use node dedication (also: node grouping).

1. What is node dedication

Node dedication reserves a selected node for a selected user group. Only users from this group will be able to deploy new virtual machines to their dedicated node.


Did you know?

Behind the curtain, node dedication relies on Kubernetes taints and the NoSchedule taint effect.

2. How does node dedication work

Node dedication consists of two parts (performed in any order or any number of times within the current limitations of the feature):

  • Assign the group label to your users
  • Assign the group label to a node

When a node is dedicated to a group of users, the following rules are set in place:

  • Grouped users can deploy on any node that is not sandboxed.
  • Dedicated nodes are available only to the respective user group.
  • Ungrouped users can deploy only on non-dedicated nodes.
  • Non-dedicated nodes are available to any user.


What happens to existing VMs?

VMs already deployed on the newly dedicated node are not affected and continue to work as expected. Their owners can still run and manage the VM's lifecycle, regardless of the user group.

3. Caveats

  • Node dedication is available only to administrator users.
  • Node dedication is not available in the Orka Web UI.
  • One user can belong up to one user group at a time.
  • One node can be dedicated up to one user group at a time.
  • Group names are case-sensitive.
  • Scaling is not supported.

What's next

Choose how to implement node dedication in your workflows:

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