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Frequently asked questions about Orka nodes.


Orka 2.4.x content

This page has not been updated to reflect the changes introduced in Orka 3.0. Some of the information might be outdated or incorrect. Use 2.4.x to 3.0.0: API Mapping and 2.4.x to 3.0.0: CLI Mapping to figure out the correct endpoints and commands.


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Are Orka nodes regular macOS machines? | How do I log on to my nodes directly?

Are Orka nodes regular macOS machines?

Orka nodes are genuine Apple physical hosts which provide computational resources for your worklooads.

However, Orka nodes are not regular macOS machines. While they provide genuine Apple hardware, a host OS is running on top. As a result, you cannot control your Orka nodes as you would control a regular macOS machine. You can manage your nodes only through the management operations available in the Orka tools.

How do I log on to my nodes directly?

You don't have direct log-on access to your nodes. You cannot use VNC, SSH, or Apple Screen Sharing to log on to your nodes directly.

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