The orka config command in the Orka CLI. This command is used for basic service configuration.


Quick command summary

orka config
orka config -a <ORKA_API_URL> -l <ORKA_LICENSE_KEY> --output-style <OUTPUT-STYLE> -y


This command lets you set the API URL, the license key, and the output style.

orka config


orka config -a <ORKA_API_URL> -l <ORKA_LICENSE_KEY> --output-style <OUTPUT-STYLE> -y


  • (Required) For URL, provide the service endpoint for your Orka environment in the following format: http://<orka-service-endpoint-ip> or https://<external-custom-domain>.


What's your Orka endpoint?

You can get the IP for your Orka endpoint from your IP Plan:

  • For clusters deployed before Orka 2.1, it's the .100 address for your Private-1 network (usually,
  • For clusters deployed with Orka 2.1 or later, it's the .20 address for your Private-1 network (usually
    You need to use http with the IP.


Known limitation

Due to Node.js limitations, the Orka CLI cannot work with the built-in Orka domains and can work only with a limited number of external custom domains.

The Orka CLI works only with valid TLS certificates issued by the certificate authorities recognized by Node.js.

  • (Optional) For License key, provide your Orka license key as provided in your IP Plan or by an administrator.
  • (Optional) For Output style, set TABLE or JSON. If you set JSON, the Orka CLI will always print the JSON output of your commands. When the default output is JSON, you cannot run commands in interactive mode.


You can pass the following options in direct mode:

OptionDescriptionSample value
-aThe API URL for your Orka environment.

The default Orka service endpoint is OR Check your IP Plan for your actual endpoint.

-lThe value for your Orka license key. When specified, this option also stores the license key locally for use by other commands.orka-license-key
--output-styleThe value of the output style. Defaults to TABLE. Specifying JSON disables interactive mode.TABLE


-yBypasses the interactive prompt and executes the command with the specified parameters.
--jsonBypasses the interactive prompt, executes the command with the specified parameters, and returns the output of the command in JSON.

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