Orka on AWS: Known Limitations

When you work with Orka on AWS, you need to be aware of the following limitations.


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  • MacStadium provides only one cluster per account per customer.
  • Your Orka cluster can connect to only one customer VPC.
  • Your Orka cluster and your VPC must reside in the same region.
  • Only instances within the specified security groups from your customer VPC will be able to access your Orka cluster.
  • Your Orka endpoint might change after every redeployment or update to your Orka cluster. The MacStadium team will provide you with your latest Orka endpoint.

Clusters and nodes

  • All Orka clusters consist of Apple ARM-based nodes. You cannot have Intel-based nodes in your cluster.
  • Your cluster has monitoring configured, but does not have automated alerting and persistent logging in place. The MacStadium team will not be immediately aware of any operational issues with your cluster and nodes. If you experience any operational issues, submit a ticket through the MacStadium portal.
  • MacStadium delivers all Orka on AWS clusters with a default configuration. You cannot request any custom settings.
  • Custom domains, custom TLS certificates, and access via HTTPS are not available.
  • You cannot access the underlying Kubernetes layer and you cannot use any kube commands.


  • You can deploy up to 2 VMs at a time per node.
  • Orka on AWS does not provide a remote repo with VM images.
  • Orka on AWS does not provide shared VM storage.
  • Because all nodes are ARM-based, you will not be able to use any of the following Intel-only features:
    • ISOs
    • GPU passthrough
    • network performance boost
    • bring-your-own-serial-number
    • upload and download images
  • The first time you use an image on a selected node, the initial deployment of a VM with that image takes about 4 minutes. Future deployments of VMs using the image on the same node take about 5 seconds.

For a complete and up-to-date list of ARM-based support limitations, see here.

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